• Beer & Burger & Roasted

    Join us to our beer & burger party on the best rooftop coworking terrace of Budapest!

    Speciality: Present your 2 minute long pitches

    Dessert: Get judged by 3 critic juries

    Write us about your startup to @bplaunchpad using the following hashtags: #BeerBurgerRoasted


    Contestants will receive free beer & burger!
    The reasons why you should participate:
    - train your pitch skills

    - to validate your idea
    - hand-made burger made of quality materials
    - networking, networking, networking






    Our members are startuppers, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors, who are actively building their companies, their startup ideas and are willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

    We are helping you to move over from your actual difficulties, and we are ready to represent the interest of the startups, with – your help – the help of the community. We support our members with practical training sessions, conference participation , traveling expenses, accommodation discounts and with our wide circle of relationships and contacts.

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    Yearly and periodical events​

    Beer & Burger & Roasted

    Everyone has the great opportunity to participate in our Roasted contest, where the participants' ideas will be presented in 2 minute long pitches and will get judged by 3 critic juries.
    Contestants will receive free beer & burger!
    The reasons why you should participate:
    - to validate your idea
    - hand-made burger made of quality materials
    - networking, networking, networking

    Lean Startup Conference Livestream

    The fourth edition of this event was organized in 2015, through a two day long common livestream and networking night together with the field's valuable professionals.


    Sziget Festival - EU Startup Rendez-vous

    2017 will be the year of the fourth edition of EU Startup Rendez-vous at the Sziget Festival. EU Startup Rendez-vous is startup and entrepreneurial tent with a mission of moving attention towards Hungarian startups and innovations. Our goal is to help the startup world, and make Budapest popular among innovative ventures.


    CoWorking Championship

    The objective of our championship, organized for coworking offices in Budapest, was not only to have fun but also to build community. Our championship was organized last year for the first time, consisted of 4 rounds. Beyond fun and buzz, new business relationships have been evolved between the teams.


    Idea Bash .:. BLP Bootcamp .:. Beer&Roasted .:. Startups4U

    Nowadays for an entrepreneur, a businessman, a startuper the easily applicable knowledge means the survival in today's fast growing business environment. According to the mission of Budapest Launchpad Association the team wants to share and give knowledge through their trainings and mentoring sessions in the topics of: building a venture, management, HR, law, taxation, business modeling, online communication, etc. We work together with speakers, who themselves are actively building their own ventures, share their experiences and knowledge with everyone interested.




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  • Our Team

    The team is consisted of startupers, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors. All of us are actively building our ventures and initiatives, moreover we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences with others like us.

    Tamás Müller


    Co-founder, online and digital guru. Business analyst and mentor, founder of Women Startup Competition, builder of the Grassroots- and microcommunities, founder of Grundfoci.hu and startupsexit.com.

    György Káli

    Executive member, communication guru, PR hacker and Social Marketing ninja.

    Karola Kassai

    Lawyer, her law firm concentrates on

    company law, contract law, data protection,

    building strategy, corporate finance, industrial property and copyright law.

    Tamás Turcsán

    The main organizer and founder of the Hackathon-in-a-Box tournament, a startup advisor, community and

    social media expert & innovator. He is into domestic innovative

    education, he helps start-ups, with mentoring, relationship capital,

    PR & communication.

    Tamás Mester

    He got two passions: one for data and one for presentation.

    His strength lies in the way he (perfectly) combines his data analysis and

    communication skills with his other soft skills, and he understands the needs, weaknesses and

    strengths of both sides.

    András Korompai

    Online conversion specialist, founder of Performar

    and senior adviser of the ACG. Obsessed with software website analytics.

    Péter Nagy

    Active participant in many major projects and startups as a developer. He seeks to observe and follow the

    trends. His areas of expertise:

    project management; Project effectiveness; IT development

    strategies; Mobile development; Cloud

    Tamás Schleer

    Business development specialist, consultant and startup

    mentor. Founder of Everrip, Ususty, NTIC and Internfish.

    Dávid Szabó

    David works in marketing for five years. His first success

    story goes back to the time when he was only 21. With his customers he acquired mostly tech-intensive

    experience in marketing projects. He is the co-founder and managing director of Brandvee.

    Péter Szántó

    His interest in web and communications dates back more than ten years. He is a graduate of

    USC as one of the world's

    best startup training students. In Hungary, he is a lecturer of Kürt Academy, OTP's and Eon-s expert in mobile services, Sanoma's and other SME's supporter.

    Attila Szigeti

    Entrepreneur, Toastmaster, hackathonist, the founder of Rate My

    Speech . He worked for five years at IBM and Citi

    as project manager, in 2013 he dripped into domestic startups, in 2014

    he began to build his own startup.

    Tamás Varga

    Startupper, the founder of Statzup, his main area of expertise are: business plans,

    production and marketing. In his free time he lectures about startup

    world at various universities and organizations.

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